Debbie had been through her share of struggles before she moved to Bishop Sullivan Residence, one of two permanent supportive housing sites in Brooklyn. In the space of a few years, Debbie had lost her mother, her marriage, and her home. A deep depression set in, and she could see no way out of homelessness.

Today Debbie is finding her footing at Sullivan Residence, with ongoing involvement of on-site clinical and case management staff. “Everyone has been so nice,” she said. “They help with budgeting, medical issues, counseling, referrals, whatever you need.” Debbie also worked with a volunteer tutor for several months to prepare for her GED test. “She was very patient and sweet,” she said. “We still keep in touch.” Over the summer, Debbie even got very involved with a community garden across the street, growing everything from onions to lavender.

Debbie’s time at Providence House has been a journey from isolation and depression to community, stability, and hope.