New York is far from the cold, impersonal place that’s too often depicted in books and movies. In fact, it teems with groups and individuals eager to share their gifts to promote the well-being of their neighbors.

Take Brooklyn’s Eytan Kurshan. He became part of our work through Altshul, a vibrant and growing Park Slope group organized around traditional Jewish liturgy and a concern for social action. After working on an Altshul volunteer project with Providence House about four
years ago, Eytan began thinking about what he could do. With a degree in math and an abiding interest in teaching, he began tutoring residents one-on-one.

In between his statistics-heavy work as an airline pricing strategist, Eytan has so far tutored five residents for several months each, helping them not only ace high school equivalency tests but also prepare to manage their household finances and other tasks.

“I think giving these women the chance to spend time each week to work toward a goal is quite powerful,” he said. “That is the most rewarding thing for me, the idea that I’m helping someone grow their skills, hoping that will improve their lives in the long run.”