“I feel at home here,” said Tiffany, looking around at the familiar dining room, remembering her turbulent reality before coming to Providence House.

Last fall, amid family turmoil and broken ties, Tiffany and her two year old daughter were forced to enter the shelter system. When she became homeless, Tiffany was not only a mother but also employed and one semester away from completing her associate’s degree.

She was referred to one of our Providence Houses, where she was given a chance to put
her ambition to work. Despite being incredibly driven, balancing her responsibilities was far from easy. “It was very hectic,” she said. “I had to make sure I could manage my time between work, school, and taking care of my daughter, who was in day care at this time.”

Tiffany was not deterred. Over the past year at Providence House, she completed work toward
her associate’s degree and was accepted into York College’s bachelor’s degree program in social work. She even took on a second job to save more toward getting an apartment and living independently. With the support of our Housing Specialist, she’s now searching for a safe, decent, and affordable place to live.

What drives her? “I have a daughter, Simone. She’s two. I love her. She keeps me going,”
Tiffany said. “She’s just a bundle of joy. I think she’s why I push so hard. I want her to have
everything I never had growing up.

“Life doesn’t stop because you’re in a shelter. You can still accomplish anything, don’t let
people feel like you can’t. I’m 22 and I’ve been through a lot but I’m not going to let it stop