Jessica thought tumultuous, violent relationships were behind her when her abusive partner left the United States.  Though relieved at the break-up, Jessica was overwhelmed by the financial strain of being a single, working parent.  Unable to afford an apartment, she moved in with relatives of her son’s father—an environment that soon turned violent.

Jessica had to leave immediately, both for herself and for her children.  “I was in a toxic home and my kids were aware of it,” she said.  “It was a messy situation.”  She took both her young children, entered the shelter system, and was referred to Providence House’s transitional apartment house.

Our Case Manager immediately partnered with Jessica to make a plan to stabilize her life and locate services to help her.  Despite what she’d been through, Jessica had great things going for her.  She is a terrific, caring mom and a motivated, dependable worker.  She even kept her restaurant job throughout the chaotic time with her partner and his family.  Those strengths became a strong foundation for her to build on, and she quickly progressed toward self-sufficiency.

Now, after six months with us, Jessica is preparing to move out into her own apartment.  In the New York City market, it is difficult finding a place she can afford, even with some funds she’s saved and a rental subsidy from the City.  However, with Jessica’s patience and motivation, along with help from her Providence House case manager, we expect she’ll find something soon.

“Even though we’re here temporarily, we lucked out because this place has really benefited us,” she said.  “This was actually a very good experience.  I have a place for my kids and we don’t have negativity around us.  I think I actually got to find myself while I’m here.”