After going through a few short-term shelters, Shernice and her two-year-old son arrived at Providence House where she finally found the chance to heal, stabilize her life and make a plan to live more self-sufficiently. With the support from Tonisya, our Residence Manager, and others on the Providence House team, Shernice began to rebuild her life, pushing herself to stay motivated and positive.

“Miss T is like a mother figure to me…she is always giving me advice,” she said. “She will always motivate me and remind me that things often get more difficult before they get better.”

Our Job Developer, Robin, worked diligently with Shernice to help her find a job, searching for opportunities in the food industry in which Shernice had past work experience. Robin even accompanied her on job hunting outings. All of Shernice’s hard work and determination paid off when she was hired on the day of the interview at an upscale bakery in Manhattan. “This place is so great. It’s a blessing that fell right into my hands because they wanted somebody in the morning and those are the hours that I can have my son in school so it was just a perfect opportunity,” she said. “This June marked my one-year work anniversary…I love my job.”

In addition to celebrating her one-year employment milestone, Shernice also looks forward to another significant event this summer: moving into her own apartment in August. “I’m being responsible because whatever I do now has an effect on my son,” she continued. “I’m just trying to fix every mistake I made as a young adult so it’s time to do everything I need to do and Providence House is that stepping stone for a lot of women.”